Get 100 Free IG Likes with Good New Likes

100 Free IG Likes with Good New Likes
We all want to get likes on our Instagram posts immediately after posting a new photo or video or even reels, right?
But that’s not what the reality is. We end up getting only a few likes that would stop the post from reaching out to a larger audience.
Worry No More.
I have come up with a trick called “Good New Likes” that will allow you to gain 100 Free IG Likes to every Instagram post of yours.
And trust me, this will only take a few minutes to do. You get 100 Free IG Likes Instantly without having to wait after uploading a post.
Let’s dive into it and learn how to use the Good New Likes to increase our Instagram reach.
Good New Likes is an App that could be used to gain 100 Free IG Likes on any of your Insta posts.
This App is based on earning coins. You simply have to like some other person’s posts to earn coins. The coins can then be converted into likes. You can spend those earned coins on any of your posts and increase the likes on that post.
Simple isn’t it?
But there are a few things that you may have to keep in mind as it could be risky enough to get your IG account Action Blocked or even terminated sometimes.
Relax! It’s not that as risky as it sounds, Just keep on reading below to know how to avoid those risks and gain unlimited likes on your Insta posts.

Is Good New Likes Legit?

Yes, Good New Likes is 100% legit and working. I have used it earlier and have been using it for a while now.
However, excessive use of the app could be harmful. So use it gradually and Gradual use is 100% safe and healthy for your IG account.

Can we get more than 100 Free IG Likes?

When I said you can get 100 Free IG Likes, I literally mean it. But I also didn’t say that it is limited to 100 Free IG Likes.
Yes, you read it right.
You can use the Good New Likes Apk to get more than 100 Free IG Likes. Not just a hundred Free Likes but unlimited likes.
I mentioned 100 Free Insta Likes because using the Good new Likes app to get 100 likes per day makes it 100% safe and risk-free.

Benefits of 100 Free IG Likes

Reasons why I use the Good New Likes app and why you should use it too are mentioned below.
  1. Good New Likes is an App that is 100% Free to use. But there are paid options too. I recommend not to use the paid option, instead, start reading the posts about Free Instagram Followers here on our site to get even more likes without paying a single penny.
  1. Simple and easy to use the app. Learn to use the app below.
  1. No need to complete any human verification or survey.
  1. You use this trick unlimited times unless you run out of coins. You can anyway earn the coins by liking other users’ posts.

Why should you not use Good New Likes too much?

Even though Good new likes could be a great way to increase free Ig likes, this could be risky if you use it too much. So below are the reasons why you should not use it too much and the cons of Good News Likes 100 Free Ig Likes.
  1. Firstly, They ask for your Instagram password and username. Although you can trust this app with your credentials, it is still risky to provide your credentials. So what you can do is change your password right after you apply the trick. This will your account will be safe and you will gain your free Ig Likes too.
  1. Good New Likes App is available only on Android. If you are an iOS user then consider reading the post about the alternate iOS version of this app.
  1. You can only get likes with this app. No followers, or views.
  1. This app is not available on the play store, you can download this app only from our site (Download link below).
  1. There will be no updated version of this app. So make the best use of this app before it becomes useless.

How to get 100 Free IG Likes?

Okay, to get 100 Free IG Likes on your Instagram posts using the good new likes app, follow the steps below.
  1. First, Download the “Good New Likes” Apk from the button below. And Install the app on your Android device.
  1. After Installing the app, Open the App.
  1. Now, log in to the App by Providing your IG credentials.
100 Free IG Likes with Good New Likes
  1. You will have to earn coins from the second tab. Again, all you have to do to earn the coins is to click the “plus icon” button.
100 Free IG Likes Good New Likes
  1. After earning enough coins, click on the home icon or the first tab. And then select the post that you want to get the likes on.
100 Free IG Likes with Good New Likes
  1. Now, select the number of likes that you want to get by spending a certain amount of coins.
100 Free IG Likes Good New Likes
That is it. You will get your likes right away. So go to your Instagram app and check the increasing number of likes on your Instagram post.
So this way, you can gain unlimited likes but be cautious and apply the trick. Excessive use of the app to earn coins could be risky. So use it gradually.

Download “Good New Likes” App Now

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