[$50 per Hour] AttaPoll App: Earn Money With Surveys (Review)

AttaPoll Get paid for taking surveys on your phone
We know many apps that pay real money, especially survey/opinion apps. Just like that, we have AttaPoll, which gives you real cash for completing surveys. Instead of providing opinions on Instagram posts and Facebook feeds, provide your thoughts on surveys via AttaPoll, to earn real money.
Unlike other survey apps, Atta Poll helps you earn quickly. You get paid even if you get disqualified by the survey conductors (companies). Isn’t it great?
Let’s dive a little deeper and make the best out of the survey app to make a good earning.
AttaPoll App Earn Money With Surveys (Review)
AttaPoll is a paid survey app that helps you earn a good amount of money fast. It indeed is one of the best survey apps in the market. The surveys on AttaPoll don’t disqualify for unknown reasons; even if it does, they will still pay you some amount for your time.
Unlike other apps, Atta Poll provides surveys more often. So you never run out of surveys. You can easily earn up to $50 per day and can still get more surveys.

App Availablity

AttaPoll app is available both on Android and iOS devices. The iOS app works the same as it is for Android.
You can download and install the app from the button below.

How Does it Work?

Atta Poll works in 3 simple steps.
  1. Look for available surveys.
  2. Complete the survey and get the money into your Atta poll wallet.
  3. Withdraw your money.
You have to take simple, easy, and fun surveys from companies affiliated with the App. Take these surveys during your break time, tea break, coffee break, or whenever you are free to spare a minute in the survey app.
You can cash out your earnings almost quickly. Unlike others, their payment thresholds are very low and have various payout methods (read below to know the minimum payout amount and ways to withdraw your earnings).

What Type Of Surveys Do We Get?

You get a variety of surveys to choose from the survey list in the app. It depends on your interest. The surveys can range from Automobiles to Medical health to Dance and Art.
The app will list almost every type of survey. It is totally up to you whether to take the survey or not.
types of surveys

Does every survey pay the same amount? Is it time-consuming?

Various surveys come with a variety of requirements. Some surveys could take a long time, and some just a few seconds. So it depends on the time-consuming and the company that is willing to pay for the survey.
The longer a survey takes to complete, the higher you get paid. Survey duration and the price are in the home of the app. You can choose and take the survey depending on the time you have to complete it.
So, every survey doesn’t pay the same amount. Some may pay you a good amount, while others may pay you only a few. Please read “How Much Can We Earn From Surveys?” below to know more about it.

Is AttaPoll Legit and Safe?

If you have been taking surveys from other legit paying apps, then I’m sure you might have been disappointed many times as they disqualify you at the end of the Survey, and you get nothing for wasting so much time. I’ve been there. But AttaPoll isn’t one among them. 
AttaPoll is indeed a legit and 100% safe app. They pay the money for real, and in time. They have the least payout amount as compared to other survey apps. Only genuine surveys are on the app.

Why do AttaPoll pay us for the Surveys?

AttaPoll has a broader connection with legit and genuine companies that have already created a name for themselves in the market. Such companies and organizations require to conduct surveys to develop new products and services. So they use platforms like AttaPoll to conduct surveys in exchange for some good money.
By taking the survey and giving our opinion, we are helping the companies develop a better product not just for us but for the entire world. Companies also take such surveys to get feedback about an existing product to improve the product.
Hence, Attapoll is a platform where companies can find users like us to conduct surveys. Companies pay Attapoll, and AttaPoll pays us.

Are My Personal data (information) Safe?

As mentioned above, only legit companies could conduct the surveys via the AttaPoll app. Such companies collect our pieces of information and feedback only to improve their product or develop the next big thing in the market. They don’t store your Information. Neither they sell your data (information) nor use it for other malicious practices.
AttaPoll, on their behalf, also conducts regular checks on the companies to make Atta Poll a safe place for every user.
Atta Poll also seeks permission from you for everything that requires your concern. They don’t do anything without your Concern.

Pros of Atta Poll App

Pros of AttaPoll App are:
  • You get paid for completing your profile.
  • The App frequently asks pre-qualification questions which will help you get more surveys.
  • You do get paid for every pre-qualification survey. The Pre-qualification surveys take only a few seconds, not more than 10 seconds.
  • The minimum Payout amount is low. You can withdraw it after completing 2 to 3 surveys. Read “How to withdraw money from AttaPoll?” below for specific details.
  • Various Payout methods are available.
  • You’ve got the freedom to choose the surveys based on the length and price.
  • Simple Interface, Easy to Use, No Complications.
  • You get notified whenever there is a new survey available.
  • You earn money, not credits, points, or coins.

Cons of Atta Poll App

Some of the Cons that you should be aware of are listed below:
  • The surveys get crash sometimes, which could prevent you from getting paid.
  • Some of the surveys are hung in-between. You can go back, but the survey will be canceled or restarted.  AttaPoll is aware of this issue, so they are constantly working to take such companies out of the service.
  • Surveys are not always available.
  • The Survey Prices are high in select Locations. Countries like U.S and U.K get paid more as compared to other countries.
  • You may get disqualified mid-way through the survey.

How Much Can We Earn From Surveys?

There is no limit to earning money on AttaPoll. As long as you spare your time on the Survey App, you get paid for your time.
Earlier, AttaPoll used to run on a credit-based system where you get a certain amount of credits redeemed for real cash. However, AttaPoll has removed the credit system and now pays dollars instead of coins, credits, or points.
You will earn around $20 or even for spending 2-3 hours a day. It also varies on the country you live in. You can Earn more if you live in high-paying countries; the U.S, U.K, Canada, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, New Zealand, Norway, and Sweden.
how much can we earn from attapoll
The earnings also depend on the companies willing to pay for surveys. If the surveys seem Important to the Company, they might pay you a good amount for a single survey.
You can get anywhere between  $0.01 to $20 per survey. Again, it depends on various factors.

AttaPoll Referral Program

AttaPoll also has a referral program where you can earn even more money by referring to your friends and family. You get 10% of the earnings made by your referred friend. There is no upper limit!
You get a unique code in the invite tab of the Survey app. You can also share your referral link.
attapoll referral code

How to Earn Money with Surveys?

To make money with the AttaPoll Survey app, follow the simple steps below:
  1. First, download and install the app from the button below.
  2. After Installing the App, Just register in the app using your email or your Google account.
  3. After registering in the app, the first thing you’re going to do is enter the referral code from Settings > Enter Referral code. You can enter your friend’s referral code, or you can use my AttaPoll referral code: rkdxh
atta poll referral code
  1. Now, Go to “Home” in the app and start taking surveys to earn money.
how to earn money with surveys
Note:While Taking Surveys, you may have ee some qualification questions which take only a few seconds, not more than 10-20 seconds. Once you are qualified, you are sure to get paid.

How to Withdraw Money from AttaPoll?

There are 3 Payout Methods to withdraw your earnings from AttaPoll Survey App.
  1. PayPal: You can withdraw your earnings via PayPal after you reach your minimum payout threshold (read below for minimum threshold amount).
  2. Gift Card: PayPal is not the only method to withdraw your money. You can withdraw via Gift Cards. You get to choose from various gift cards available. The gift cards can also vary from country to country, based on your location.
atta poll gift cards
  1. Donate: There is also a donation option to donate your earnings to charities such as; UNICEF, Red Cross Society, and many others. Again, it could vary based on the place you reside.
How to withdraw money from attapoll

After you’ve reached your minimum payout amount (check below to know the minimum payout threshold), Go to Balance in the app, select the payout method and withdraw your earnings right away.

Minimum Payout Amount

The minimum payout amount for AttaPoll Survey App is $3 only. I know this is too less and could be easily earned in a few minutes. If you reside in a place where the earning rates are higher, you can earn $3 for completing just one survey that would take around 10 to 15 minutes.

AttaPoll Payment Proof

Here’s payment proof of the AttaPoll Survey App. The screenshot shows the payment fulfilled via PayPal.
attapoll payment proof

How to Get AttaPoll Unlimited Surveys?

Surveys are available from time to time. You get notified whenever there is a new survey available via push notification. However, they are not always available. The availability of surveys depends on factors including Location, Your profile info, The number of successful surveys completed, The number of disqualifications, and much more.
Here’s a setting that will help you get unlimited surveys on AttaPoll.
how to get attapoll unlimited surveys
  1. Go to your AttaPoll App settings.
  2. Set your Survey Frequency to “As many as possible.”
  3. And then set your survey length to “Any Length.”
  4. Now, enable the “Notifications” and “Location.”
Below is how you can increase the chances of getting more surveys.
  1. Be honest with your answers. Don’t fake it. You get more surveys even if you get disqualified multiple times because you answer honestly.
  2. Do read the questions thoroughly and answer them.
  3. Don’t hurry.
  4. Don’t take surveys if you are about to go somewhere else or are busy. Only take it when you are free.

Download AttaPoll App

Download the AttaPoll app from the button below. After clicking the button, you will be on the Attapoll official site, where you can choose your device’s operating system. iOS users can use the App Store button on their site to download and install the official AttaPoll app. Similarly, Android users can use the Play Store button to download the app.
Various other replica sites claim to be AttaPoll, but they are fake. The site you visit from the button below is the only legit one where you can download the latest and updated version Atta Poll app.


AttaPoll is one legit app that pays. You can earn extra money in your spare time. If you can give a little more time on the app, you can get around $50 per hour. This app pays you real money in return for your opinion, and your opinion matters to companies to improve their product or develop new products.
This app is not a full-time earning app. You can only make a few amount that would be enough to treat your friends to lunch.

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