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Free Instagram Followers Every Month (100% Real & Working) | No Bots

With our manual tool, you will get 10 followers for free. This is not a free Instagram followers trial. We do not have a paid service. We believe in helping others grow their Instagram profile without spending a single penny.
To get the followers all you need to do is submit your Instagram username and that’s it, we will send you the followers within 24 hours.
We provide only real human followers that don’t unfollow you. These followers might even engage and like your Insta post. Not just that, they will also comment.

Why use our Service?

Reasons why you should try our free Instagram followers service.
  • Only username required.
  • The safest trick on the internet.
  • Only human followers, no bots.
  • We do not store your information.
  • No human verification.
  • No Surveys.
  • We don’t have any paid plans. Everything is free to use.
  • You can use the trick again in the next month.

Rules to follow to get Free Instagram Followers

Don’t submit your Instagram username without reading the rules below.
  • Set your Instagram account to public. Private accounts don’t get any followers. It is impossible for us to send followers to a private account.
  • Once the username is submitted, it cannot get any followers again.
  • In a month, you can submit your username only once. If a person submits the username in January then that person could again use the trick in the month of February at any time and day.
  • The followers are delivered manually by real humans, so it might take longer to deliver if there are plenty of orders at the same time.
  • One person can send followers to one account only. You cannot send it to other accounts.


How to get Free Real Followers on Instagram?

To get free Instagram followers, just follow the 2 steps:
  1. Enter your “Instagram username” in the field below.
  2. Click the “Get Free Followers” button.
Now, wait for 24 hours. They will deliver it within a few minutes, but sometimes it can take up to 24 hours.


Get Free Followers on Instagram Now


Below are the frequently asked questions that might be helpful.

Are this Followers Real?​

Yes, they are 100% real humans following your Instagram account. So there is no risk of getting banned. Our free Instagram followers tool is the only manual free followers service on the entire web.

Will the followers unfollow later?

Since we are real human followers providers, the followers that you get from us may sometimes tend to unfollow. If they are not interested in your content, then they might unfollow you, but unfollowing is something that’s rare when it comes to our followers.
Only a few might unfollow, and most of them remain permanently.

Are the followers bots?

We are really open to our service. There is not a single bot provided by us. We only send real human accounts. However, there might be a few ghost followers.
A ghost follower is someone on Instagram,  who followed a person, who has not been active for a long time. They are real human account and could be active at any time so they are not bots.

How long can we use this trick?

You can apply the trick once a month. A single username could be submitted only once per account and cannot get more than once a month. We provide followers manually, so it’ll take really long to deliver followers if we deliver the followers every day. Hence, one account (free followers) per month.