5 Legit Apps to Make Money Online Easy Way

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Looking at where the world is headed, Making Money Online is not a big deal anymore. You can see anyone staying at home earning a lot of money. I want you to be someone among anyone.
We know it’s not as easy as it sounds. If it was, then why wouldn’t everyone do this, right?
Well, Let me tell you, Not everyone is interested like you do. I mean, you are reading this because you want to earn money online right?
And one reality about it is that Not everyone can do this even if it’s a chill kind of Job to do.
You are wise enough to come for this.
Today, I will tell you 5 Legit Apps to Earn You Money. These Apps will pay you for your time spent on the App, for your effort, for your Knowledge, and for you.

First up, In this blog, you will never see anything that is not legit and Genuine. And secondly, these Apps are from top known companies so there is no doubt about their legitimacy. These are 100% Genuine and Trusted Apps.

Above all, I have used these Apps Personally and have withdrawn some amount.
Below is the list of Apps to Make Money Online Easy Way.


Toloka is a product of Yandex, a Search Engine just like Google. And you can trust Yandex just like you do for Google products.
Toloka is a Multitasking Platform where you get paid for completing small interesting tasks.
This is one of the best Apps where you earn money online and therefore, this is on the top of the list.
One great thing about Toloka is that they don’t run a coin-based system where you will have to collect or earn coins to exchange them to get the rewards.

Instead of coins or credits, they will give you Dollars for every task completed.

And the best thing about it is that you can withdraw the money as soon as you earn the money.
Toloka is available both for Android and iOS.

Type of Tasks to Make Money Online Easy Way

The tasks to make money online easy way in Toloka includes Fieldtask, Surveys, and many more. Some tasks may ask you to click pictures or record videos while others may be surveys or market research. Anyone can use this app to earn money online easily.

They also have special additional tasks for people who can understand English. You will have to complete a two-question training to be accepted.

Note: Some tasks may require completing a short 2 to 3 questions training. After that, you will be provided with a handful of tasks that are guaranteed to get you paid. So it’s always wise to do tasks that require training.
Also, note that some field tasks may take a day or two or sometimes even a week to get you the money as they will have to verify if the submitted task meets the requirements. Don’t worry, only 5% out of 100% (Tasks) are rejected.

Payout Methods of Toloka

Currently, they 4 modes of payment. They are:
  1. PayPal
  2. Payoneer
  3. Skrill
  4. Papara
More Payout methods are to be added soon.
The Minimum withdrawal amount depends on the payments system that you choose to withdraw and how often you request to withdraw the money.
If you request to withdraw money two times in a row (in a week) then the minimum withdrawal amount may be a little higher for the second time.
The minimum payout amount for PayPal is $0.02, it will remain the same if you withdraw once a week but the Withdrawal amount will be increased if you create two withdrawal requests in a week.
If you do so, then your next PayPal minimum withdrawal amount will be $1. So it is always better to withdraw once per week if you are earning less.
Toloka also has the Referral Program which will help you earn even more.
Google Opinion Rewards is an app that rewards you for your Opinion. And that’s the only thing you need to do to get rewarded.
You will be provided with a handful of surveys each week so that you could complete the survey by giving your opinion and get rewarded for it.
You can earn up to $1 for every survey that you complete, in which, the minimum reward will be $0.10.
The reward here varies on the type of OS that you are using. If you are using Android then you will be able to withdraw the reward money as your Google credits. So for Android users, it’s not much of an interesting thing as you can only use the money to purchase your google play products such as Apps or in-app purchases.
However, iOS users have the privilege to withdraw their rewarded money on PayPal.
If you are an Android user and want to get real money instead of Google play credits then there is a piece of good news. You can always convert your google play credits into real money (cash in your bank) using some third-party Apps that allow converting Google Play Credits into Cash.

How to get more Surveys on Google Opinion Rewards

To get more surveys and earn more, you will have to follow a few of the things mentioned below.
  1. Use the app daily: Check in to the App and see if you have any surveys for you. Google favors the person who consistently visit the app even if their is no survey available. Your consistency can give you tons of surveys.
  1. Turn on the Notification of your Opinion rewards App.
  1. Enable Location Services for the App.
  1. Genuine Response: Don’t try to fool the app by providing random responses. It’s a product of Google and you can fool them easily. The more genuine answers you provide the more surveys you will get. There is a chance that you might not even get a single survey later if you provide random answers. So spend your time reading through the survey and respond to what is true. They ask the same questions later just to figure out if you’ve provided them the same answer so be wise and respond to what is real.
SB Answer is an App to make money online easily. It is a part of Swagbucks where you earn money for completing surveys. This is one of my favorite apps among all after Toloka.

How does SB Answer work?

The name itself says it all, SB Answer. You will be provided with a list of surveys for which you will have to Answer or just give your opinion and if you complete then you will be rewarded with SB (Swagbucks Credit). These SB could be redeemed into real Money (read below to know more about withdrawal).
One good thing about SB Answer is that you will never run out of Surveys like it is for Google Opinion Rewards. There are three types of Surveys in the App to keep you up with the SB. They are:
  1. Daily Poll: You will be asked to vote your opinion once every day. You get 1 SB for this.
  1. About Me: This is the best part of this App. You will get 2 SB for answering 10 questions. The best part of this is that you never run out of surveys here. You more you answer the more surveys you get. You can use this unlimited times and yet still get more surveys to answer.
  1. Surveys: This is the main part of the App where you could earn a lot of SB. You get around 3 to 10 Surveys which pay you a very high amount of SB. To get more surveys here, you will have to answer more surveys about yourself from the About Me tab (read above). The answers that you provide in the About Me section will help you get more surveys in the main Surveys option. It’s a Win-Win situation as you get SB for answering the about me and also get more surveys to get more SB on the Surveys tab.

SB Surveys is available both on Android and iOS.

Withdrawal Method for SB Answer

There are various options to withdraw Money on SB Surveys. They are:
  1. PayPal: You can withdraw money using PayPal by redeeming your SB. You can withdraw $10 for 1000SB, $25 for 2500 SB, $50 for 5000SB, $100 for 10,000 SB, $250 for 25,000 SB, and so on.
  1. Payoneer: You can also redeem your SB using Payoneer. Just Like PayPal, $52 for 5200 SB, $102 for 10,200 SB, $252 for 25200 SB.
  1. Gift cards: You could even redeem gift cards with your SB. Gift cards for Amazon and many others. The availability of gift cards may vary from location to location.
  1. Donations: There are also many other ways where you could donate to a specific organization for a good cause. Your SB could be redeemed and donated to certain organizations. You may see international organizations as well as some local organisations based on your locality (again, it varies on the location or where you are based).
Note: SB Answer is just one part of Swagbucks, you could explore more and earn even more using the Swagbucks App (available in certain countries only) or the Swagbucks website (available worldwide).
Field Agent is an app that helps you make money online doing some basic tasks, we called it Job in Field Agent. They provide a high-paying job as compared to other apps.
This app is somewhat similar to Toloka as it provides Dollars instead of credits or coins.
Just like that, they also provide jobs similar to Toloka.
Even though some of the features and working may seem similar to Toloka, it is very different from any of the apps listed above and below.
They assign you with certain (small; 5 to 10 minutes) jobs and you get rewarded for the completion of the job. The job could be done by any random person so there is no certain qualification required.
Field Agent is available both for Android and iOS.
You can earn anywhere between $1 to $3 for every job completed. The earning may vary from country to country. For some users in certain countries, the amount may be $3 to $8 for each job.

How Field Agent make money online easy way works?

  1. Find a Job: Jobs may not be available every time so you will have to check on the app frequently to see if any jobs are available. Remember, a single job can get you a lot of money.
  1. Complete the Job: You will have to complete the job within the given time period. You should comply with the instructions provided.
  1. Get Paid for the Job Completed: Once your job is completed and is under review, you will be paid right away after the job is approved.

Types of Jobs (Tasks) in Field Agents

Some of the jobs include:
  1. Giving feedback on some products.
  1. Providing your opinions on certain topics (Surveys)
  1. Trying new products for free. And many more

How do you cash out on Field Agent (Payout Methods)

The Field Agent app allows you to cash out your money straight into your bank account either via Wire Transfer or other sources, if available. Your money will be deposited into your bank within 2 to 3 days.
Note: There is no minimum amount required to cash out on Field Agent. You can withdraw money at any cost and at any time.
Referral code: u3f949h
Make Money App is an app that pays you for real. I won’t say that this is my favorite app but it made it on the list due to its legitimacy.
This app includes simple tasks like Surveys, testing apps, watching videos, and many more.
You can payout your money via PayPal.
As of now, there are no other payment modes but we can expect some other methods soon.
They also have gift cards but gift cards are available occasionally.
You get paid within 24 hours.

So these were the 5 Apps that will help you earn money staying at home. this apps doesn’t promise you 6 figures but it does help you earn your pocket money.

Among the 5 Legit Paying Apps, I love Toloka the most. It’s not that the other mentioned apps are not great. Based on my free schedule I love using Toloka the most. And then comes Field Agent and SB Answer.

Google Opinion Rewards and Make Money App are also great Apps to earn a good amount.

So I have told you my favorites from least to best. I use all of them regularly on a daily basis, whenever I am free.

Sometimes I don’t use it if my day is going on a tight schedule.

I recommend using this in your free time because these apps are not going to help you earn so much so as to do a living.

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