Streetbees – Chat to Earn Money Online on PayPal

Streetbees - Chat to Earn Money Online on PayPal
Earn Money Online on PayPal in just a few minutes.
How many hours do you spend in a day chatting with friends and family and others?
What if I tell you that you can turn your chats into Money?
Yes, you heard it right.
You will get paid for chatting. You can chat whenever you are free and earn money straight into your PayPal.
And what’s more interesting is that you get to chat about what you are interested in. It totally depends on what topic you want to chat about with them.
“Streetbees” allows you to chat with their system which ultimately pays you for your time.
Streetbees is more like a survey app that might not seem like a survey at all. Unlike any other survey app, they don’t waste your time by going through a pre-survey for qualification.
They will take the required information about you and that’s it.
Streetbees will provide you with topics to chat with them and you will be paid for replying to their queries.
They will chat on certain topics with you so that they can collect certain opinions from you for market researches and others.
Note: Streetbees respect your privacy and so they don’t sell or share your information with others.

How to use Streetbees: Earn Money Online on PayPal?

It’s very simple, download Streetbees: Earn Money Online on the PayPal app from the button below and then open the app.
Once you’ve opened the app then it is very simple and easy to use.
You will see a list of various topics like:
  • Gaming.
  • Food.
  • Personal care.
  • Healthcare.
  • Daily routine.
  • Drinking habits.
  • Smoking habits.
  • Insurance habits.
  • Fashion habits.
  • Social media habits, and so many others.
earn money online on paypal streetbees task list
You then just have to chat on a certain topic that you are interested in. They will then take your opinions and start providing you with certain topics that will pay you real money.
One best thing about Streetbees is that they don’t work on a coins or points system. You get paid straight in dollars or whatever currency your country uses.
They will approve your survey and pay straight into your PayPal account.
Note: Certain topics are just to understand your opinions so that they could provide you with topics that would pay you money. So starting topics won’t pay you money, the topics that would pay you money will have a price listed below the topic. So it’s easy to differentiate.

Is Streetbees Legit?

If it isn’t legit and genuine then why would I even waste my time writing a review about it?
I mean, Yes, Streetbees: Earn Money Online on PayPal is 100% Legit and It does pay you money into your PayPal account.
I have withdrawn money from Streetbees and I have also put down the payment proof. Read below to know more about payment methods, withdrawals, and other payment details.

Streetbees Referral Code

Streetbees: Earn Money Online on PayPal also have a Referral Program where if you invite your friend or anyone else and they use your referral code, then, you will earn up to $2 per user.
Use My Referral Code: 7005RI
Copy the above code and paste it into the referral code field which is available in the profile tab of the App.
streetbees referral code

Streetbees Payout Method and Minimum Payout Amount

Fortunately or Unfortunately, Streetbees currently only has PayPal to withdraw the money.
But who doesn’t use Paypal? right?
You can expect more payout methods in the days to come.
You just have to paste your Paypal email on the Paypal field which can be found in the Profile tab of the Streetbees app.
earn money online on paypal streetbees
The Minimum Payout amount in Streetbees is 0. Interesting? Let me explain to you.
Streetbees run a straightforward payout system. They will send you the amount for each chat or topic right after it is approved. So they don’t have a certain amount or goal to reach to withdraw the money. Even if you’ve earned a single cent for a topic, they will send it right to your Paypal account.
Note: Sometimes, the approval for each task completed can take up to 24 hours or even more but it normally takes only a few hours.

Streetbees Payment Proof: Earn money on PayPal

So I have done a few of the topics and it literally only 2 to 3 minutes to complete per task.
They approved it in a few hours and then they send the amount straight into my PayPal account.
streetbees task list earn money online on paypal
You will be paid based on your country’s currency. So if it shows 10 dollars then you will get 10 rupees (if you are based in India, Nepal, Pakistan, or other countries that use Rupees). So you will get $10 only if you are based in a country like the US that uses the dollar as its currency.
The amount will be accurately shown in the task list, just that it will be shown in dollars in the Activity tab.
P.S: If you are confused here then just ignore whatever I told you because you will understand all by yourself as you start using the app. And it is not a big deal so relax.
Below is the image of my Streetbees Payment proof
streetbees payment proof

Conclusion: Earn Money online on PayPal

Last but not the least, I’d highly recommend using Streetbees to earn a good amount of pocket money by chatting and giving your opinion based on your interest topics.
However, This is will not help you to do a living but it sure will help you earn a few bucks to meet your small requirements.

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