5 Money Making Survey Apps that You’ve Never Heard of Before

5 Money Making Survey Apps that You've never heard of before
You have heard about survey apps that pay you real money; most of them have proven legit. However, while it is true that you can earn a good amount of money if you put some effort into the apps, it is also not wrong to say that most apps pay you less than a minimum wage.
Okay, that was a reasonable length of discouraging words. Well, I am here not to let you down but to help you.
Today, I will be telling you 5 Survey Apps that you probably have never heard of before. These apps on the list are better than InboxDollars, Swagbucks, LifePoints, Attapoll, etc.
Note: All the apps are listed based on my personal experience. I have used them all personally and redeemed the rewards.
There are certain features on the apps that have caught my eye and would catch yours too. These apps are better than the popular ones because of the following features:
  1. Some of the apps have instant withdrawal with no minimum payout amount.
  2. Almost all of the apps in the list pay you even if you get rejected for a particular survey topic. They care about your time and effort.
  3. You don’t get any broken surveys.
  4. One of the apps in the list gives you $1 for every single survey you complete.
  5. The interfaces of these apps are simple and easy to use.
  6. All these apps mentioned don’t use the coin-based approach. They give the earnings in dollars instead. You don’t need to redeem coins.
  7. These apps are available on Android, iOS, and the Web (could be used in a web browser).
streetbees earn money
Streetbees is a type of survey app that pays you to chat. You will never feel like you are taking a survey. It is simply a fun way to take surveys and get paid.
Availability: Android & iOS
I have been using it for a long time, and taking surveys has only been interesting with Streetbees. Unlike other survey apps, Streetbees offers surveys on topics like your sleeping habits, eating habits, your hobby, fitness, clothing, and many more.
There is no minimum payout amount in Streetbees. It doesn’t matter if you’ve earned $0.001 or $5. It will automatically withdraw your earnings into your PayPal account. However, your survey needs to be approved by the team. Once you’ve completed the survey via chatting, your survey will be under review, which takes less than a day. Once the survey is approved, you get your money.
You can also earn additional money by referring it to your friends via their referral program.
surveytime make money online
Surveytime is a money-making survey app that you have never heard of before. It is one of a kind in the world of make-money survey apps.
Surveytime is creating a buzz on the internet due to its “$1 per survey” feature. They are the first and only survey apps that pay $1 for every single survey that you complete.
Availability: Android, iOS, Web

Withdrawal Process

Surveytime money making survey apps
There is no need to earn a certain amount of money or coins to redeem the rewards. Once you complete a survey, you can choose to withdraw your earnings via PayPal, Bitcoin, Gift Cards, etc.
PayPal: To withdraw via PayPal, all you need to do is provide your PayPal ID.
Bitcoin: If you are someone like me who is a crypto freak, then you can withdraw your Surveytime earnings using your Coinbase wallet. Remember, they only accept Coinbase wallets, so it is vital to have a Coinbase account to withdraw your earnings in bitcoin.
Gift Cards: Surveytime allows users to withdraw their earnings in gift cards. You can withdraw via Amazon gift card, Flipkart gift card, and others. The availability of gift cards depends on the country of the user.
The only thing I don’t like about this app is that they don’t have any referral program. But we never know, they might come up with a referral program anytime soon.
bananabucks survey app
BananaBucks is one of the most underrated money-making survey apps. The best thing about this survey app is that you get $0.02 for every terminated survey. So you get paid even if you get rejected for a survey topic.
BananaBucks promise to give $1 on your first survey. They also have a daily poll that gives you $0.02 to vote in a poll.
Availability: Android & iOS
The surveys in BananaBucks include:
  1. Affiliate Survey
  2. InBrain Surveys
  3. Lucid Surveys
  4. TapReseach Survey
BananaBucks Money making survey apps

Apart from the regular surveys, They also have a feature where you need to “allow location access” and “allow Push Notification” to get $0.05 every time they send you a location-based push notification.

BananaBucks Withdrawal

The withdrawal process is simple in BananaBucks. You only need to go to the ‘Balance tab’ and click on the cash-out button.
However, to withdraw your earnings, you must earn a minimum amount of $5. Don’t Worry! It is easy and quick to reach the minimum payout amount in BananaBucks.
They currently allow withdrawal via PayPal. But you can expect more withdrawal methods in the future.
surveymagic ios survey money app
Another money-making survey you probably didn’t hear of before is SurveyMagic. This app works the same as the BananaBuck app. You can earn up to $3 by simply completing the intro surveys (About yourself) and Profile surveys.
Availability: iOS
Surveymagic surveys for cash
Since the minimum payout amount in SurveyMagic is $5, it becomes easy and takes less time to withdraw your first earnings.
You can cash out your earnings via Paypal.
You can earn extra cash in SurveyMagic by allowing the location access for push notifications. You get paid every time SurveyMagic sends a push notification based on the location.
cashcamel survey app
CashCamel is another money making app that works the same as the BananaBucks and SurveyMagic apps. However, there are a few differences that you will know as you keep reading.
Availability: Android & iOS
CashCamel includes Surveys from:
  1. Affiliate Survey
  2. Partner Interview
  3. Choose a Survey
  4. Top Daily Survey
CashCamel cares about your time and effort, which is why they also pay $0.02 for every rejected survey.
They also have a push notification feature that pays money every time you receive a push notification from CashCamel.
cashcamel money making survey apps

The minimum Payout amount for CashCamel is $10 which could be withdrawn via PayPal.

Disadvantages of CashCamel

  1. There is no Referral Program.
  2. The minimum Payout is $10, which is more than other survey apps on the list.
  3. PayPal is the only withdrawal method available currently.


I have listed down five money making survey apps that you never heard of before or are underrated. These legit apps are not just best for making money online but are beneficial as it helps us broaden our knowledge and helps us know the worth of our opinion. These apps allow instant withdrawal, pay you even if your opinion gets rejected, and help you earn extra cash via Referral programs.
I mentioned only 5 of them; if you think I am missing some of the best survey apps that are underrated, do let me know in the comments section below.

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